Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take for a website to be built?
The average website takes roughly two weeks (5-10 business days) to build.  This is from when you sign up and fill out our initial questionnaire to when the website goes live.  Times may vary based on extra customizations or needs.
How much does it cost to get started?
Prices vary depending on the package you choose and any custom integrations. View our pricing here. We bill on a monthly basis, and have a one-time startup fee for software licensing. We capture your credit card info for monthly billing. On initial payment, expect to pay your first month and the one-time startup fee. From the second month on you will just pay your normal monthly cost.
What is included in your Essentials package?
Our Essentials package of $299/month is designed to look great, generate leads, and sales.  Your site will be device optimized, include site analytics, hosted on a fast/secure server, SEO optimized, and include a free SSL certificate. 
Do provide or manage email?
We do not manage emails.  You may hear some people host email on the same server as their website, but that is never a good option.  We partner with Office 365 and Google Workspace because they have advanced spam filtering, great deliverability, their own 24/7 customer service and a host of various productivity apps.  We offer a one-time fee to setup up these services if you need help.
Why monthly payments?
We offer a monthly subscription service, so you don’t have to pay a hefty upfront fee and you get monthly maintenance for your website.  We also include support for any issues or changes you may need to keep your website up to date. 
What is the process after I sign up?
After signing up,  we will send you a questionnaire and create a client dashboard for you with onboarding documents.  We will then begin to create the backend services for your site.  After receiving the filled out questionnaire, we use that to build a custom website for your business.  In your client dashboard you will also find options to upload your logo, fonts, colors, images, and copy (text) for your website.  Depending on the package you choose and any customizations you need, you will see your site in two weeks (5-10 business days) and then we will push it live.
What happens to my site if I want to cancel during my agreement term?
The contract will be cancelled and you will be responsible for 75% of the remaining contract amount.  You will be provided with a backup of your website files and any other assets.
My agreement has expired, what are my options?
You can renew your agreement or go month to month.  With an agreement renewal you can lock in your price and have access to any new features we add.  We also offer a free website redesign for renewing!
Can I use my own hosting provider?
We currently do not allow our sites to be hosted on another platform.  We use servers that are optimized for security, speed, and cannot be sure other hosting providers will provide the same experience for you or your customers. 
Do you offer and other services?
We also offer Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising, Facebook ads, email marketing, and conversion rate optimization.  We have found these to be the best methods to drive website traffic and increase sales. 

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